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Company code: 44338678

Address: 40000, Sumy region,
Sumy, Anishchenko
Alexandra st, 6

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E-Notarius - corporate site for working with notarial documents online

About the project

E-Notarius is a platform for creating and recording notarial documents based on current templates of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The first unified register of documents for notaries in Ukraine.

Process of work

First of all, an analysis was carried out to find optimal solutions. We prepared a Wireframe of all pages of the site based on the texts provided. Created and approved a design concept. We developed the design of desktop and mobile versions for further layout.


E-Notarius allows you to create notarial documents that meet state standards in an online constructor and form a single customer base. And also use the author’s notarial documents. Integration with official government services provides quick and reliable access to their databases and registries. Provided with modern digital security through cloud hosting, end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication.

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