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STAR TIME CAMP - summer camp landing page for children and teenagers in the All Inclusive format

About the project

The camp is located on the Black Sea, 1st line and its own sandy beach. Accommodation in modern air-conditioned rooms. On the territory there is a heated pool, a private inflatable water park and a beach cinema. Swedish line with five meals a day from the chef. Master classes from the stars of Ukrainian show business
Protected area 24/7.

Process of work

Conducted an analysis and identified the target audience and its desires. Created texts and prototypes for the landing page and 8 camp shifts. We prepared a moodboard and agreed on concepts. Developed the style of illustrations using emoji. Designed for desktop and mobile versions. We did layout layout and got a ready-made landing page.


The structure of the landing page allows you to get a clear idea about the rest in the camp and what kind of entertainment there is, information about the next shifts and their cost. Clickable cards allow you to get detailed information about each shift and buy a ticket online.

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