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Address: 40000, Sumy region,
Sumy, Anishchenko
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Web Design

Web Design

Websites, Landings, Commercial materials

We create effective designs that
work for your image and profit

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Our works

Our works

Quality and unique style in every product

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Our design solves
the main business issues
ure of your company?


of a fundamental image
and picture of your company


Increasing profits through
increasing the conversion
of client traffic


Advantageous difference
from competitors due to cool
digital packaging
Who can
we help?

Who can

You and I are on the same path if you want
to emphasize your style with uniqueness

  • Info-businessmen

    We give your business recognition, promotion, design and create marketing materials

  • Business owners

    We will take on the role of the marketing, design and PR department with constant long-term support for all projects

  • Entrepreneurs

    We will make a presentation website and design for any marketing materials and promotional products

  • Public figures

    We help with promotion, maintenance of social networks, advertising, we will make a summary, presentation of your self-marketing products

Development stages

and analytics

We collect all the information about your task, form the goals, analyse your competitors, collect the best ideas for implementation and product creation. After that, we form the technical task for the implementation of the product. And describe the target audience for your product.

Иследования и аналитика


On the basis of materials and research, we form the main meanings of the company. We create a visual and semantic prototype of the product, collect content and meanings into a competent structure

Визуально смысловой прототип


We create examples of product design, select fonts, color style and other design elements, approve the concept of future design


of the whole layout

Drawing the entire design layout of the product, adaptive versions, preparing the layout for Front-end development

Дизайн всего макета

Этапы разработки

UX Анализ и Проектирование

Знакомимся с Вашим продуктом, определяем цели и задачи которые необходимо достичь. Анализируем подобные решения на рынке с похожей моделью работы, определяем ЦА и типы пользователей продукта, создаем User Flow который дает общее понимание объёма проекта и его функционала.

UX Анализ и Проектирование

Этапы разработки

Wiframe прототип

Собираются, структурируются и связываются между собой все задуманные wiframe макеты. На основе UX-решений продумываются расположения элементов и определяется их важность. В результат вы получаете логический продуманный и простой в использование интерактивный прототип продукта.

Wiframe прототип

Этапы разработки

Дизайн концепты

Отбираем MoodBoard с различными вариантами стилистики, на его основе создаем несколько ярких вариантов визуального стиля вашего будущего продукта.

Дизайн концепты

Этапы разработки

UI Дизайн

Оживляем весь прототип на основе утвержденного концепта, создаем современный и удобный в использовании интерфейс. Насыщаем продукт эмоциями и трендовыми UI решениями.

UI Дизайн

Этапы разработки


Мы структурируем все элементы интерфейса в один документ для систематизации дизайна. Это облегчает и ускоряет процесс разработки, редактирования элементов и добавления новых разделов и элементов в интерфейс.


Your outsource web
design department

you do not need to spend extra time and worry about the final result when working with us



We are daily reporting to our clients for him to be always aware of the stage of the project



We are open and set up only for long-term cooperation. Our priorities are Satisfied customers and their recommendations



In each project, we declare the values of your business and immerse ourselves in it as much as possible. The team values its reputation and do its best to complete the project



We build long-term partnerships with our clients, take responsibility for the result and achieve the client's business goals

Расчет стоимости проекта

a project

Our cooperation begins
with filling out this form

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    Our clients

    We are happy to do your projects
    and see a positive result!

    Отзывы о компании RGB


    We cooperate with companies around the world, helping to turn
    their business into a high-quality web product

    Artem Silin

    landing page design

    For the variety of website design prototypes, deep immersion in our activities, thinking through the concept to the smallest detail, a special and big thank you to Konstantin Golovkin! Despite the difficulties in choosing the final version, our exactingness, the guys did an excellent job. Konstantin has a well-coordinated team that solve all issues related to the development and promotion of the site. We recommend RGB Web Studio. Thank you for your cooperation!

    See screenshot

    Inga Ilyina

    Mailers for qwintry

    Kostya, hello! I want to say thank you to you and your team. We are very pleased with your work, and it is important for us that all projects are released on time and corrections are made promptly. We have been looking for a worthy designer for a long time who will understand the specifics of our service and will provide a good product for users. I look forward to further productive cooperation.

    See screenshot

    Sergey Smaglyuk

    Website design

    I want to give you the opportunity to work with a great designer. I personally tested it on my project - Konstantin Golovkin. Already recommended him to friends 2 times and he made them a project and received excellent feedback from them. In general, now it's time to recommend it to anyone who needs a good website design. Bookmark him for yourself. He is always attentive to the project, offers his variants and finishes the projects.

    See screenshot

    Anastasia Kolomiets

    Assistant of SEO

    We have been working with Kostya for about four months now, and during this time the RGB team has become like members of our team. They are always with us if any help is needed. It's so cool when you can find a full range of all the help and services that a business needs in one agency! Therefore, we are glad that we cooperate with RGB

    Watch the video

    Alexander Cherednichok

    UX service Claps

    The team worked well. The result is more than satisfying. Ready to cooperate further! Thanks for a good job!

    See screenshot

    Roman Kalachev


    It's always a pleasure to deal with professionals. I look forward to further cooperation. The guys are doing a very good job. Highly recommend!

    See screenshot

    Stanislav Gross

    UI/UX audit mob. applications

    They worked for the first time. Konstantin's team worked quickly and exceeded expectations. It can be seen that the guys got to the heart of the task and gave comprehensive recommendations on auditing the mobile application. We work further. I recommend

    See screenshot

    Sergey Yuryev

    UI/UX audit

    Excellent service and good attention to detail and the specifics of our project. We are very pleased with the result of your work and look forward to further cooperation.

    See screenshot

    Anastasia Galitskova

    UI/UX mobile application

    Hello Konstantin! Work is progressing well, thanks! Vitaly takes into account all wishes, understands and supports all our ideas, just like we listen to his opinion. We are nearing the end of the prototyping stage, but there are still small final corrections left to bring everything to the ideal.

    See screenshot

    Vitaly Tarutin

    UI/UX Web service

    Thank you, you are a very talented specialist 😉 Rarely seen such in 6 years. In your profile, I haven't seen it at all😄

    See screenshot


    UI/UX Web service

    Hello! - Evaluated the quality of work in the portfolio - Everything is well organized - I liked that we knew at what stage the project was, and what was the next stage - made a release of a new version of the application. We will not record a video - it is too difficult for us. You guys are great 👍 special thanks to Vitaly, a specialist with a capital letter. Understand what we need

    See screenshot

    Every pixel
    must be perfect

    We create a web design that conveys the value of your product
    or service to a potential client

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