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Company code: 44338678

Address: 40000, Sumy region,
Sumy, Anishchenko
Alexandra st, 6

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BIG MONEY UNIVERSITY 2.0 - a landing page for participation in a 3-month program of maximum immersion in business with exclusive access to the practice of millionaires from all over the world

About the project

Big Money University is an educational environment for entrepreneurs who value their time and want to apply the acquired knowledge specifically for their business. The course program is designed for beginners, existing entrepreneurs, managers and top managers, as well as startups who want to develop and scale their business.

Process of work

A marketing analysis has been conducted, the target audience of the project and its needs have been identified. We have developed texts, increased benefits and created offers. We have created a Wireframe with a detailed study of the block structure. 5 versions of the design concept have been prepared. We have worked on the animation of the blocks and video on the site. According to the approved concept, a design for desktop and mobile versions has been developed and made up.


A modern and stylish landing page has been created that attracts attention and converts visitors into customers. The main feature of the landing page was the first screen with a video presentation of the speakers of the program and moving animation elements dispersed throughout the landing page. Clickable cards have also been developed, where you can get acquainted in detail with the course program and speakers who are millionaires, investors and owners of corporations.

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