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Sumy, Anishchenko
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Taxi UTC - a mobile application for ordering a taxi

About the project

The mobile application for searching and ordering a taxi in Kyiv quickly and easily. The application has already been launched, but it was not user-friendly.

Process of work

First of all, we have conducted a research on taxi ordering applications exsisting on the market to find new solutions. Based on this analysis, we have updated the application logic and thought over the user’s UX. We have worked out the functionality of the application and made a complete redesign for the Android and iOS platforms.


The functionality of the application allows you to choose the type of taxi, pay by card, search for a driver and additional services, as well as generate a receipt. The route of the trip is drawn on the map with the location of the car and the possibility of adding additional points. As a result of the redesign, the mobile application has become more convenient for users, and its use was increased by 40% in the first month.

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