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IBrand - a mobile application for finding models to participate in events

About the project

The application was created to help producers create events quickly and find easily the models they need, and it also assists models to promote themselves and offer their participation in them.

Process of work

The project consisted of 5 stages with the development of the Russian and English versions of the application. Initially, we thought over and structured the logic of the web service. As a result, we have created Wireframe for over 190 application screens and prepared a moodboard, as well as developed concepts and the style of illustrations. We have also drawn the design of the mobile and desktop versions.


The developed web service allows models to respond and participate in the best events of their city, region, country or the whole world, working only with trusted organizers and develop their brand. Producers get access to the lists of models which they can use for creating events and inviting models to participate directly in them. We always provide up-to-date content and full-fledged cabinets with the access to statistics and advertising.

Onboarding has also been developed so that a client, on first acquaintance with the service, can understand what kind of application it is, for whom it was developed and how to use it.

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