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Company code: 44338678

Address: 40000, Sumy region,
Sumy, Anishchenko
Alexandra st, 6

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Claps - a web service for musicians looking for venues and venues looking for performers

About the project

The service is a platform that connects musicians and venues where they can perform. At the same time, the interaction is carried out directly without the participation of intermediaries and lengthy negotiations.

Process of work

Based on the customer’s requirements specification, we have developed the logic of the service, created a site map with all sections and worked out their interconnections with each other. We have also formed a separate flowchart of the application life cycle, where we worked out the functionality of applying for cooperation both from the institution and the performer. Wireframe pages for performers and separate pages for establishments were prepared . Based on them, we have developed the design of a web service.


The developed web service allows you to select directly musicians by direction, geographic location and the language of performance, as well as view the schedule of performances and send your offer. Musicians can get acquainted with the catalog of institutions and posters of performances, find out about existing proposals, see the reviews and send an application for cooperation. The information about applications, performance schedules and their history is stored on the personal account of the institution and the performer.

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