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Company code: 44338678

Address: 40000, Sumy region,
Sumy, Anishchenko
Alexandra st, 6

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Galt Project - a service for searching and renting real estate around the world based on the blockchain

About the project

The web service for searching of various real estate using an interactive map, as well as track the cost and make transactions based on blockchain technology quickly and easily has been created.

Process of work

Initially, we created a structure and developed a Wireframe with a detailed design of all service screens in light and dark themes. The functionality of an interactive map with highlighting of the selected location and objects on it has been worked out. When you zoom in on a selected object, its boundaries and cost are displayed. Real estate cards have been developed with their name and the ability to view the layout, as well as a preview of the object in 3D. Based on the prototype, we drew the design of the desktop version.


With the help of filtering for searching by various parameters, the functionality of the service allows you to find the necessary object quickly and conveniently and further track changes in its value. The personal account displays all real estate offers and their history, as well as the ability to correspond with these objects and complete transactions. The use of blockchain technology makes it possible to obtain accessible information and excludes the introduction of false data

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