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Company code: 44338678

Address: 40000, Sumy region,
Sumy, Anishchenko
Alexandra st, 6

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convenient  for your clients

  • Websites and landing pages as thoughtful sales systems

  • Design as a spectacular visual packaging for a business

  • User-friendly interfaces with
    which it is convenient

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О компании RGB

About us

The Professionals who solve the problems of your business, save time and make customers happier through user experience.

About Us
  • Clarity

    Thanks to daily reporting, our client is always aware of the stage of the project

  • Reliability

    We are open and set up only for long-term cooperation. Our priorities are Satisfied customers and their recommendations

  • Result

    In each project, we declare the values of your business and immerse ourselves in it as much as possible. The team values its reputation and do its best to complete the project

About Us

Our works

Our works

Quality and unique style in every product

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Компетенции компании RGB

Who can
we help?

We are on the same path if you want
to emphasize your style with uniqueness

  • Small and medium-sized businesses

    We will develop a website and design marketing materials that will help bring your business to a new quality level

  • Startups

    We will design a website, web service or mobile applications for testing and presenting your idea

  • Developers and partners

    We will take the whole front of design work for the products that you develop

  • Infobusiness and bloggers

    We will create and visualize your websites and marketing materials to increase your popularity and amount of audiences

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Клиенты компании RGB

Our clients

We are happy to do your projects
and see a positive result!

Команда профессионалов RGB

— is a Team

Creative and responsible
specialists digitally packaged

  • 5+

    years on the
    design market

  • 600+


  • 30+


  • 25+

    in team

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